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Puppies have arrived !!!!

Due to some of the girls having erratic or very late seasons we have mated a few girls together.  This however means that after these litters we will not have anymore puppies available until late summer, early autumn.

 Our puppies are born in the house and live inside with us until at least 4 weeks of age under constant supervision. They are handled by the family only up to 4 weeks. We start to groom them and get them used to being handled and touched everywhere including ears and mouths.

From four weeks they are introduced to other dogs, cats, horses and a never ending list of volunteer humans of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity.

They also move into the kennels around 4 weeks old so that they start to get used to other stimuli outside of the home environment, although they still join us inside for a few hours every day  for a bit of human playtime.

They are raised on a natural diet which enables them to grow at an even rate which reduces the risk of joint  & health problems in the future.  They also have the pleasures of pigs ears, hide chews, filled & empty hooves & tripe sticks all of which they love but also teaches them to share & give to humans when asked.

By the time they leave us they are used to most animals, children, adults, all manner of handling and noises including washing machine, vacume & every day household hustle & bustle.

Their new owner leaves with a well adjusted, healthy bundle of fur.


They all have a 1st full inoculation before they leave.

 All puppies leave here micro chipped & are fully health checked by our vet.

All our puppies are Kennel Club registered

We usually arrange initial viewing at 4 weeks of age in strict waiting list order.

Once you have selected the puppy of your choice a £100.00 non refundable deposit will secure, we do not take a deposit until a puppy has been chosen.

When you collect your puppy you will receive:

Diet for the next few days

A comprehensive puppy starter pack

All relevant paperwork

All new puppy owners are advised that they can contact us at any time with any queries they may have. We offer life time advice and are always happy to hear how our puppies are progressing.

We will always try to take back puppies if the owners circumstances change or for any other reason they are no longer able to keep them.   We will usually provide any retraining required and find them a new permanent home.

Or we will offer assistance in finding new homes on behalf of their owner.  

 We will not sell to anyone without meeting the new owners, we will never deliver or meet people with puppies in a lay-by or car park. All our puppies Kennel Club paperwork is endorsed with the following:-
"X" - The puppy is restricted from being exported with Kennel Club documents.
"R" - The puppy is restricted from having its progeny registered by the Kennel Club.

If you want to breed then you must discus this with us prior to purchase on some matings these endorsements will not be lifted under any circumstances All endorsements are explained fully before any puppy is reserved.

These endorsements are placed on my puppies to protect them from ending up in the hands of unscrupulous breeders or worse a puppy farm.

We DO NOT export our puppies

We DO NOT sell as guard or security dogs